Passages Malibu: California’s Luxury Drug Rehab Treatment Centre

Addiction is not limited to a certain number of substances, and it does not necessarily happen in a certain way. Passages Malibu understands how the addiction works and realize that addiction is not limited to illicit substances and a person can even get addicted to prescription drugs when taken the right dosage. We have the experts and specialists who understand your situation and will help you get through this dark phase of life and help you to cope with your situation – because believe it or not; there’s always some driving factor behind a person’s addiction.

  • Alcohol
  • Illegal Drugs
  • Over the counter drugs
  • Prescription drugs

Our Holistic Detox Process

Accurate diagnose of your addiction is the first step of our detox program. Once you come to us, our nurses will perform an advanced diagnosis to determine your situation and how severely are you addicted to drugs. Once an accurate diagnose has been made, they will decide upon the holistic therapies suitable to your situation.

While you are being carefully detoxed, our team of experts will prepare a personalized treatment program that suits your needs and will help you to regain strength. Passages Malibu understands that complete seclusion can lead to depression and hence, unlike other rehab centers, we do not shut down your contact with your friends and family – instead, we encourage it.

Our facility believes that rehabilitation is not a punishment, rather a gesture of hope and strength to achieve a better future. We believe it to be rewarding, and so, while your body is being detoxed you are offered the best of facilities and 24/7 nurses to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. The personalized rehab treatment not only helps you with physical addiction but also finds the driving force behind your addiction and helps you to resolve your unsolved issues. This, in the longer run, helps you to maintain your sobriety.

One of the best features of this facility is that it detoxifies you with the help of all-natural and organic supplements and therapies, rather than prescribing you some other toxic drugs which might lead to a different kind of addiction. You will not have to trade one addiction for another while achieving sobriety. We believe in skill-building exercises, positive conservations, and holistic healing to help you get sober and we have been doing it successfully since 2001.