The Holistic Philosophy of Passages Malibu

The foundation of a rehab center lies upon its principles and how they guide to achieve the aims of the center. Passages Malibu is the best in the business and treats its clientele like family. The personal experience of Chris and Pax has enabled them to establish a facility which differs from the conventional recovery centers. Passages Malibu stakes in the needs and requirements of its clientele and offers them a treatment which empowers them and helps them to get rid of their drug dependency.
Most of the drug centers out there do not consider the needs of their clients, and without even realizing they end up mistreating. The core problem lies with the structure of an organization, and the clientele end up thinking that the problem lies in themselves. They assume that they are untreatable, and suffer at the hands of misery and humiliation. Most of the conventional rehab centers look down on the addicts and treat drug dependency as a disease, which promotes even more negativity among the addicts.

That’s what differentiates Passages Malibu from other rehab centers. Here, we do not consider you a patient, rather just an average individual struggling with the complexities and hardships of life. We believe that holistic therapies and natural supplementations can help you to get a hold of yourself and achieve sobriety. The key to a healthy lifestyle is removing the negativity from your life and embark on a journey of positive adventures.

The Four Main Causes of Addiction

Addiction is not a disease, and one can’t simply define it regarding a sickness. To understand the complexities of a person’s addiction, our staff has been properly trained to get to the bottom of it and help you understand the driving factors behind your usage of drugs or liquor. You can get rid of addiction only when you realize the underlying causes. Once you’ve realized it, you’ll develop skills and learn new techniques to deal with your addiction and stop taking any drugs or liquor.

If you reach the bottom of your drug dependency then you will realize that at least one of the following four main causes of addiction applies to your situation:

  1. Chemical Imbalance
  2. Unresolved evens from the past
  3. Inability to cope with current conditions
  4. Beliefs you hold which are not true