Sobriety through Luxury Starts Here

Passages Malibu offers you a wide range of treatment options for your drug addiction, and t does so by providing you luxurious facilities and lavish amenities to help you be relaxed and comfortable. You will feel like you are at a spa rather than a rehab clinic. All you need to do is to fill out this confidential form or call us to talk to our admissions specialist who has a perfect understanding of your situation and experience for dealing the drug dependencies similar to yours. Our admission specialist will also guide you about our treatment programs and how they can help you achieve sobriety.

All that it takes to begin the journey of sobriety is a simple phone call, and you will be able to start our all-natural holistic treatment to get you back on track. When you are ready to write a new chapter of your life with Passages Malibu and change your life for the better, then please give us a call or just fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly. We will answer any queries that you have regarding the process of the treatment costs. You will realize that once you make that call, you will automatically start to feel much better.

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