Before Passages Malibu

This facility established by a father and his son was a result of many struggles and hardships that the both of them went through. For almost ten years, Pax Prentiss suffered from heroin, cocaine, and alcohol addiction and kept it a secret from his family and loved ones. In the process of all of this, he lied, stole and cheated with those that he cared the most about. When the drugs and alcohol destroyed him to the point where he lost all of his friends and felt helpless, Pax confessed to his father Chris that he was going through a difficult and needed help.

The feeling of helplessness and vulnerability made Pax realize that his drug addiction had gotten out of control and so had his life. At this point, the drugs became a necessity rather than enjoyment, and he could not stop even if he wanted to. However, Pax had realized his mistake and was utterly determined to fight the addiction and win this battle with the help of his father who supported him throughout the journey.

Pax tried everything possible to get rid of his drug addiction, whether it be the harsh and embarrassing AA meetings or the 12-step programs. However, everything one of those programs failed. The worst part was that such programs labeled his addiction as a disease, and this made him feel more vulnerable and humiliated rather than gaining strength to fight the problem. Some programs did help him to achieve short-term sobriety, but the guilt would consume his again, and he would escape into the relapse.

What helped Pax through these difficult times was the companionship of his father, Chris, who was always there to listen to him. Together, they searched for something different from the conventional treatment programs, something that would help Pax fight his demons and get rid of addiction once and for all. He realized that the only way he could fight his addiction was if he strengthened himself and got rid of all the negative thoughts and labels first. And hence, Pax started looking for alternatives which would help him do just that ad handle his addiction.

Pax final figured out the four main driving factors of his addiction and determined how to work past them by utilizing nothing but holistic thinking and some integrative medicines.He realized that the problem within him did not exist without the solution, and the solution was also present inside of him.

After Pax figured everything out and got rid of his addiction all by himself with the help of his family, he and his father decided to develop a facility with the aim of spreading their newly found holistic vision. Hence, Passages Malibu was established in 2001, where they integrated a personalized-treatment approach to help various individuals according to their specific needs based on their addictions, being the first of its kind in the whole California.

This unique approach sold, and now Passages Malibu has been home to many individuals who have suffered various addictions during the dark phases of their lives. Hundreds of people get admitted to this facility every year, and when they leave, they do so with a better version of themselves.

Passages Malibu has worked for Pax and thousands of other people so that it can work for you too. Just give us a call and learn about our treatment plan which naturally heals you from your addiction.