California Detox Clinic at Passages Malibu

Situated in the midst of sunny California, Passages Malibu is a luxurious drug rehab center which offers you the best and latest treatment options available to enable you to overcome your drug dependency in a peaceful and secluded environment. Passages Malibu provides you with a private detox unit, which overlooks a perfect scenic view of the Pacific waters – a picture of calm and serenity. Passages Malibu is spread over 15 acres of land, providing you lavish facilities.
According to Healthcare Global, Passages Malibu is #1rehab center in the, and the center has also been voted as one of the most luxurious places for receiving drug rehab treatment by Forbes. Passages Malibu cares for its elite customers, providing them with lavish accommodation and the finest of luxuries. The rehab center harbors Fitness centers, tennis courts, boating docks, and other exceptional facilities to keep you occupied with recreational activities and direct your energy on something positive while getting rid of your drug dependency.

Passages Malibu has a team of specialist doctors who design your treatment according to your requirements and needs. Instead, to facing other people in embarrassing AA meetings, you’ll be having one-to-one sessions with your mentor specialists. Every therapist, counselor, and a medical professional is available at your service to help you get rid of your addiction and find peace, and stability.
Our team of therapists and consultants are experts in their field and know how to do their job well. They will aid you in sobering up and reconnect with your peaceful self by designing a personalized recovery treatment just for you! Do give us a call whenever you’re ready to experience the lavish and peaceful treatment of Passages Malibu.

Meet Chris and Pax Prentiss, Our Founders

Passages Malibu is the perfect example of a loving bond that exists between a father and son. Their journey began when Pax confessed to his father regarding his dependency on cocaine, heroin, and liquor. When Pax was unable to find a suitable treatment for his drug dependency, he and Chris set out to establish their rehab center which offers latest holistic treatments for people who were dissatisfied by the ineffective conventional treatments. So, this is how Passages Malibu was established in 2001.

The secret behind the success of Passages Malibu is that it empowers its clientele to focus on their positive energies and get rid of any negative thoughts. Once that has been established, further personalized treatments are started to help them achieve sobriety and regain their strength. Suffering from the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability Pax realized that unlike other rehab centers where addicts like him are labeled for their deficiencies, he needed to establish a center where clientele were aided in getting rid of their insufficiencies and gain a feeling of empowerment.
Passages Malibu is an escape from drug-dependent individuals, who want to improve their lifestyle by getting sober and gain strength to begin their lives with a clear past. If you do not want to feel humiliated by appearing in AA meetings or 12-step programs, then Passages Malibu is your go-to treatment center. Chris and Pax have had personal experiences which have enabled them to understand the mindset of drug-dependent individuals in a better way. The treatments at Passages Malibu are safe and do not involve any toxic chemicals or steroids. So, what are you waiting for?